Federal, State, and Local – Data Unification and
De-Siloing of Data

Digital Transformation through Federal, State, and Local – Data Unification and De-Siloing of Data

Disparate and sometimes duplicative data sets across numerous databases exist for a variety of reasons but most commonly by way of “point solutions” designed to fulfill a very specific singular need or through the fact that most systems are not well equipped to handle large amounts of unstructured data such as images, video, audio, text, slides, and other media formats in a way that allows for reuse of information.

Iternal’s software functions as a system that can aggregate, curate, and unify data sets across all major media formats to deliver a common framework for data interaction that allows for other systems to easily interface where applicable. Iternal’s software is data type agnostic and can easily interface with any system that can send or receive data via a simple JSON based API. Leveraging Iternal’s software as the system for data unification can allow databases and systems that function as point solutions to come together to make systems, processes, and operational tasks more streamlined and collaborative, enabling the re-use of data thought an agile and flexible solution. We believe our technology could have a substantial positive impact in the goal of optimizing Intelligence Fusion.

  • Unify, aggregate, and curate data in all major media formats (Text, images, video, audio, slides) across a vast number of data sources and allow for the reuse and re-purposing of applicable data;
  • Create an agile and flexible single source of truth across the enterprise for teams to accelerate collaboration, training, reporting, communications, Citizen messaging, and policy and regulatory compliance;
    Automatically turn insights and data into human-readable reports through simple templates in a variety of media formats (MS Word, MS PowerPoint, PDF);
  • Apply a common structure to unstructured data for easy ingestion, review, analysis, categorization, and re-use;
    Simplify the integration of downstream systems with data sets by establishing Iternal’s software as the common framework for all data structuring (allowing Iternal’s software to function as a aggregator, curator, categorizer, organizer, and data clean-up system before data is sent to the downstream system);
  • Establish an inheritance based framework for structured and unstructured data organization that drastically eliminates duplicate and redundant content by a factor of approx. 3x depending on the use case; and
  • Leverage an existing system input and output agnostic platform (Iternal’s software) to easily pipe in key data set information to be curated, de-duplicated, validated, reviewed, and analyzed before being sent off and re-used in other systems.


Public sector organizations face unique challenges to accomplish complex missions with limited resources. Public sector leaders engaged in transformation embrace Iternal Technologies’ solutions when they want to serve, support, and communicate with citizens more effectively, achieve higher academic standards, and effectively achieve strategic mission objectives.

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Iternal’s software platform transforms Government Agencies (Federal, State, Local) and Education (Higher Ed, K-12) by automating the curation, assembly, and production, of key accurate, up-to-date, and compliant information, content, knowledge, date, and subject matter expertise, across all foreign languages.



Security has been a fundamental priority from day one. Hosted on AWS GovCloud or on premises using AWS Outpost, our technology was designed using industry leading architecture and security principals to ensure your most valuable information is safe and secure, and the security was built for scale.

Why use Iternal for your Agency’s Digital Transformation?

Instant Information, Content, Knowledge, and Data Control

Iternal’s patented software can near-instantly generate any major file format with the click of a single button and enables organizations to more effectively create, collaborate, organize, update and share content across all media major types — text, slides, audio, and video. In minutes, Government Agencies can rapidly build highly tailored videos, slide decks, proposals, webinars, podcasts, and other forms of media to reach users and Government personnel across a variety of use cases.

Highly Scalable APIs

Through a set of easy to integrate Application Program Interfaces (APIs) Iternal’s software can communicate with other existing technology systems to send and receive information and deliver content to other systems when and where it is needed. APIs are flexible/agnostic for both data input and output in all major media formats (text, slides, audio, video, images, etc).

Rapid Response Changes

Iternal’s software allows any organization to create weekly, daily, or even hourly changes to your messages at a global level and have updates propagate out instantaneously to all systems. One of the key advances of Iternal’s software is the system’s ability to manage Modular Components® of information, content, and knowledge (also known as “IdeaBlocks®”) in any major media format. The modularity of IdeaBlocks enables for substantial advances in reusability, lifecycle management, and elimination of substantial information duplication and redundancy.

Easy to Use

Simplicity is a core focus, and demonstrated by the average ramp-up speed for daily users being as short as a 10 minute online training video. More robust training is available to project or program managers via a Video On-demand 4 hour end-to-end comprehensive training course.

Supports 508 Compliant Communications

Iternal recognizes the importance of Section 508 Standards for Citizen communications. Iternal’s software can support Government Agencies in the delivery of 508 compliant communications via materials in various media types including visual and audio which meets or exceed the digital accessibility requirements outlined in Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended (29 U.S.C. §794d), and the United States Access Board’s Revised Section 508 Standards.

Use Cases Performance Metrics


Velocity Acceleration

≈13.4 Hours

Saved per Output Automated


Reduction in Time


Avg. per Hour of Effort Automated

  • 15 minutes of time savings (average) for each time an IdeaBlock (container for media – text, images, video, audio, etc) is re-used
  • 3X average Reduction in duplication and redundant data
  • Scalable to tens of millions of unstructured data objects (text, images, video, audio, etc)

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Digital Transformation Use Cases for Federal, State, and Local Government Agencies

Cross-agency Use Cases

Numerous digital transformation use cases exist that can be applied to all types of government agencies, from Defense, Agriculture, Intelligence, and beyond. Iternal’s software platform transforms Government Agencies (Federal, State, Local) and Education (Higher Ed, K-12) by automating the curation, assembly, and production, of key accurate, up-to-date, and compliant information, content, knowledge, date, and subject matter expertise, across all foreign languages.

Transportation Agency Use Cases

Transportation Agencies such as the United States Transportation Security Agency (TSA), or their state and international equivalents prioritize passenger safety and security. Iternal’s software platform can support many passenger and traveler specific use cases which can streamline and optimize the traveler experience and reduce the operational load of the transportation safety officers.