MASSIVE Outcomes® in Business Transformation

For enterprise organizations that manage multiple products, Iternal’s software can simplify and align how information about a portfolio is managed, shared, and kept up to date. Our technology enables easy visibility, editing and management of all portfolio information regardless of the media format. Iternal’s software allows any organization to create weekly, daily, or even hourly changes to your messages at a global level and have updates propagate out instantaneously to all systems. One of the key advances of Iternal’s software is the system’s ability to manage Modular Components® of information, content, and knowledge (also known as “IdeaBlocks®”) in any major media format. The modularity of IdeaBlocks enables for substantial advances in reusability, lifecycle management, and elimination of substantial information duplication and redundancy.

IdeaFORGE’s modular component Storybuilding technology allows users to personalize content at the Idea Level®. This means you can have the flexibility to quickly add or remove content based on an individual audience member’s needs, desires, and expectations. Further the media format you’re using to communicate the story no longer requires specialized skill sets to build. Any user, with any skill set can build a video, slide deck, audio, or text based story in the same amount of interactions.

IdeaFORGE® is the definitive Structure for Business Storytelling. Our technology is able to organize, manage, modify, and categorize many different types of data data that used to be considered unstructured including video content, slide deck presentations, audio files, word documents, plain text and more. In addition to providing structure to the data, we can build new content with that data quickly and easily.

Our Obsession with quality user design and experience is seen in how easy a user can build content in IdeaFORGE. Your team’s ability to respond and interact with audiences increases dramatically when using IdeaFORGE. Now every user is empowered to build highly personalized stories with just a few minutes and a few clicks of the software in a variety of media formats that used to take hours, days, or even weeks to produce using legacy methods.

Creating content for organizational and business uses can be a time consuming and difficult process. IdeaFORGE’s Patent-pending software and methodology streamline and optimize the way your creative teams approach content creation, allowing for more effective delegation based on skill set and improved collaboration.

IdeaFORGE® has been designed to allow a user to action on assignments quickly and easily and complete their work with as little wait time as possible. We have developed a highly efficient process for workflow and delegation, that is built into the software, which allows contributors to engage when needed and complete their work in smaller deliverables that can be output more efficiently. Gone are the days of waiting days or weeks for a full keynote speech to be drafted before review.

IdeaFORGE’s Idea Level® content methodology allows evolution of a message to keep pace with the rapidly accelerating world of technology we live in. When a IdeaBlock is updated or requires revision, that block can be changed once within IdeaFORGE® and can be instantly pushed out with update to all dynamic sources which use that content, without requiring you to have to recreate or update content manually.

Using IdeaFORGE® the average estimates for reduction in content creation costs are more than 93% based on the amount of content that can be created and shared using the tool. In addition to building stories more effectively, your teams will be able to utilize media formats like video and audio in a cost effective way for use cases that were previously cost prohibitive.

Aligning content within an organization is a big lift on its own, but even more challenging is ensuring partners and channel networks are also up to date. IdeaFORGE® makes it easy for Partners to always have access to the latest and most up to date content, and receive updates to content that has been changed dynamically.

Because IdeaFORGE® separates content at the Idea Level® into modular components, your security and / or privacy teams can control the flow and sharing information at the component level ensuring more granular control over content that ever before.

IdeaFORGE® makes it easy to deliver content in a variety of different media formats for publication across many different channels. For sources that are IdeaFORGE® dynamic content enabled, that content can be updated instantly.

Acting as the Content Encyclopedia® for your organization, IdeaFORGE® allows fast and easy searching of information, and presents the right information using your best, most knowledgeable subject matter experts, in a variety of formats to maximize learning. 

Time is our most limited resource and IdeaFORGE® makes scaling your best and brightest before effective through video content. Now your executive leadership team can represent your brand anytime, anywhere, and your subject matter experts can share critical information to audiences without physical time limitations.

Iternal’s patented software can near-instantly generate any major file format with the click of a single button and enables organizations to more effectively create, collaborate, organize, update and share content across all media major types — text, slides, audio, and video. In minutes, organizations can rapidly build highly tailored videos, slide decks, proposals, webinars, podcasts, and other forms of media to reach users and personnel across a variety of use cases.

Through a set of easy to integrate Application Program Interfaces (APIs) Iternal’s software can communicate with other existing technology systems to send and receive information and deliver content to other systems when and where it is needed. APIs are flexible/agnostic for both data input and output in all major media formats (text, slides, audio, video, images, etc).

Simplicity is a core focus, and demonstrated by the average ramp-up speed for daily users being as short as a 10 minute online training video. More robust training is available to project or program managers via a Video On-demand 4 hour end-to-end comprehensive training course.

Iternal recognizes the importance of Section 508 Standards for Citizen communications. Iternal’s software can support Organizations in the delivery of 508 compliant communications via materials in various media types including visual and audio which meets or exceed the digital accessibility requirements outlined in Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended (29 U.S.C. §794d), and the United States Access Board’s Revised Section 508 Standards.

*Depends on organization’s network configuration and IdeaFORGE® Service Level chosen.
**Customer’s configuration, unique requirements, and IdeaFORGE® use will determine exact percentage. For more details please see the IdeaFORGE® Scoping, ROI, Usage, and Impact Calculator.