What is Business Transformation?

Business Transformation is the process of optimizing your organization’s business processes, through the implementation of new methodologies and innovations to streamline operations, improve efficiency, shorten the customer’s time-to-value, and improve the customer experience.

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Business Transformation is very similar to the goals and objectives of Digital Transformation however Business Transformation takes a broader view of the organization understanding that not all problems can be solved with new technology innovations. In some cases the most profound improvements implemented through Business Transformation initiatives come in the form of rethinking older processes and developing strategic improvements.

Examples of process improvements would be things like the leveraging of Six Sigma or Lean Six Sigma and similar continuous improvement methodologies.

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At a high level these optimization strategies are highly effective, however the require designated members of an organization to lead the change, often requiring them to build new process frameworks from the ground up to deploy the change organization wide.

Business Transformation should result in at minimum the accomplishment of two massive outcomes. First Business Transformation should enable  the customer to have a better experience. Second, through the transformation process your organization should be able to identify massive cost savings and operational efficiencies post transformation.

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A great customer experience starts with a simple straightforward and easy journey. Optimizing the business processes that occur from point A to point B, both digital and human is required for true experience improvement. 

Cost savings and operational efficiencies post transformation begin by finding and eliminating waste within your organization. Reducing failures, streamlining processes, sourcing defects and developing new strategies for frequent operational review are all staples in the traditional Business Transformation playbook. Sometimes an even greater level of depth is required for massive outcomes to be achieved. Redefining the way an organization looks at the concept of failures and defects in operations can illuminate new process advantages.

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For example in the content creation space of video production, one of the biggest time waste and expense of the process is the logistics required to go to and from the designated filming location with all of the equipment and crew required for production. Film crews are highly specialized, and so is the equipment. The packing and unpacking of hundreds of thousands of dollars of camera equipment, and the meticulous setup to create the perfect image on screen takes hours. Other hidden costs like the cost of insurance for expensive equipment factor into the huge price tags seen from the video production industry today. But not anymore.

Applying Six Sigma and Business Transformation strategies to video production have significantly reduced the logistics, crew, and hidden expenses that make video production so expensive. Combining these innovations with software can lead to even greater Business Transformation outcomes.

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What is a Business Transformation Software?

A business transformation software is a software that can be deployed across all organizational departments and aligns the departments with information technology to accomplish traditional Business Transformation objectives like optimize processes and accelerate growth. Idea Level® Information Management (ILIM™) is the next generation of digital data transformation. ILIM employs a collection of business transformation processes and theories, supported by bleeding edge technology that allows an organization to redesign how the capture, uses, sharing, collaboration, and analysis of their information.  Learn more about how you can achieve MASSIVE Outcomes® using ILIM™ with IdeaFORGE

Achieving Business Transformation Success