The world thinks in files. We think in Ideas®

John Byron Hanby IV founded Iternal Technologies in 2018 as an evolution of his first business, which was Austin, Texas’ number one corporate film production company. Hanby’s goal was to build a company that could make corporate film production more scalable, while enabling businesses to engage with their customers in a hyper-personalized way.

Hanby discovered through large scale campaigns and audience testing that a company could increase their customer engagement by as much as 13X through the use of hyper-personalized content. That means 13 times more eyeballs consuming more of that message, for a longer period of time.

Since the company’s formation, Iternal has expanded far beyond hyper-personalizing video content, to being able to generate hyper-personalized content in every major media format, across all foreign languages. In addition to their media generation capabilities, Iternal offers numerous other technologies designed to make business teams more effective, including:

  • Blockify® for Data Ingestion, which can improve the accuracy of RAG by 40X
  • Waypoint for RFPs, RFIs, and RFX, which can accelerate proposal creation time using GenAI by 17X
  • Nebulous™ a prioritization engine that can improve employee efficiency by up to 230%
  • AutoReports™ which allows for No-code, bulk programmatic document analysis

Together all of these technologies work in concert to modernize and transform an organization’s management, creation, sharing, collaboration, discovery, capture, and updating of information, content, and knowledge across the enterprise.

Iternal’s technologies are is transforming the way organizations share, consume, interact with, and experience information. We build technology that allows faster and more accurate communications across every industry vertical, providing people with the information that matters most at the instantaneous pace required in the modern era.


The Iternal Journey began when John Byron Hanby IV was 17 years old, and a Junior in High School. Hanby dreamed of creating of amazing things. In the early years, this meant the production of badass action movies, and paying for those movies by doing freelance corporate video work. With limited resources, an amazing group of friends, and highly supportive parents, the Iternal Journey began.

“At the time, we were just playing around recreating the amazing action scenes from movies like 300, James Bond, the Matrix and other big name films. Fast forward a few years and things started getting more serious. Some kids wanted a cool car, I wanted a $35,000 camera.” Hanby reminisced. “After 3 years of working in high school and college, I finally realized my goal, and I bought that camera. What came next was incredible. We started to embark on the journey of creating true cinema quality content – like the quality stuff you can only get in Hollywood. The productions kept getting bigger, and the talent we worked with did as well, and like a mathematical Iternal, bigger and more complex with each iteration.”

After 65 international film awards and acclaim for film production, a search for process optimization and scale began as Iternal worked to expand in scale. We took a 100,000 foot view of how organizations tell stories to further their business objectives. We applied six sigma to content creation and through that process innovated a new, more efficient, lower cost, and more comprehensive communication technology that empowers users to be more efficient and tell higher quality stories. The name Iternal comes from the combination of Iteration (continuous improvement) and Eternal pursuit, together making Iternal. Click here to learn more about the origin and power of the Iternal concept as applied in nature and mathematics.

The scale of this discovery transcended a film production business, and we began the journey of transforming the way we tell stories, enable companies to engage with customers, and reimagine the way we work: with Turnkey AI.