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Iternal Technologies Translation App

Seamless Translation into 300+ Language Locales

Using Iternal’s translation application, customers are able to connect language translation services through a seamless experience within the Iternal software ecosystem and translate text, slides, audio, video, podcasts, webinars, social media posts, press releases, diagrams, Sales Enablement Content, interactive PDFs, webpages, graphic designed brochures and Adobe InDesign files with the click of one button.


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What is Iternal’s Translator?

The Translation Application is part of Iternal Technologies software ecosystem and allows for organizations to implement digital transformation, sales enablement, and other content enablement strategies for their multi-language communication and collaboration requirements.

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The Future of Language Translations has Arrived

Through the use of Iternal’s end-to-end streamlined translation solution, organizations are able to break down language barriers and accelerate velocity between departments across different geographies, regions, and cultures; unlocking a substantial pool of untapped knowledge and collaborative resources within the organization. The result is a massive advancement in business transformation by automating the production of marketing materials, Sales Enablement content, Training and Education content, proposals, subject matter expertise, account planning information, Sales Training, QBRs, Pitch Decks, Customer Onboarding, SME FAQs, Proposal Outlines, Followup Emails, and more. These outputs can now be translated and extended globally, reducing the burden on individual regions to have to produce their own version of content that result in duplicative work.

Accelerate Global Product Launches

Iternal’s translation software also drops the costs of global product launches and accelerates the global translation process by following a streamlined workflow where a team can pre-populate all content for a new global product launch, select the desired language and locale outputs, translate into any language worldwide with the click of a single button, and then finalize content by country and by language, in-house, prior to launch.  With the push of a button, Global Enterprise and Public Sector organizations can accelerate and announce new advancements in all languages, all countries internally.

We’ve Solved the Translation Problem

Before the introduction of Iternal’s end-to-end translation software, multi-language translations are restricted to only a few people within even the largest organizations due to their complexity, nuance, and cost. Legacy translation approaches required a manual multi-stage process to submit, review, approve, organize, and distribute the translated material, and even then there was no guarantee that everyone who could benefit from the translated output would receive access to it. Costly and time consuming presentations were often duplicated multiple times when a few words were required to be changed because the presentation creators could not speak the end language or identify sentence structure in the output, and thus could not determine how less costly edits could be made.

Iternal® solves the numerous legacy issues plaguing the translation user experience through the use of their proprietary IdeaBlock® technology which breaks down all types of Information, Content, and Knowledge into Modular Components® that can be easily mixed, matched, and translated into new languages and locales through Iternal’s software technology.

Translate Once Use Many Times

The IdeaBlock Modular Component approach to structuring Information, Content, and Knowledge allow for individual IdeaBlocks to be translated a single time, and then through the automation capabilities of Iternal’s IdeaFORGE software, the IdeaBlocks can be assembled programmatically through a predefined set of instructions in any language or locale. When content changes or additional IdeaBlocks need to be added or swapped, it is as simple as swapping out the blocks or adding one in at the appropriate place – and this action can be performed in any language or locale without the need for re-translation.

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Build Stories Faster

IdeaFORGE’s Content Encyclopedia® can contain, and make easy to find, every major question and answer. Your Builders will be able to build stories faster by having the right content at their fingertips, without the need to edit or modify.

Enable Everyone to Build Better Presentations

Live content in IdeaFORGE, whether text, video, slides, or audio, is accurate, high-quality, specific, and focused. Once content goes live it can be used by anyone who is authorized. Empower anyone communicating on behalf of your company to find and be able to use the best content available. [...]

Improve Customer Qualification

Qualification begins with both parties understanding each other. Improve the speed at which you can qualify an opportunity by making available accurate, relevant, and specific information to your prospect.