Technology and Human Innovation

Our passion is innovating new solutions to complex challenges. Innovation through technology and the ability to positively impact the world fulfills our team. 

For us, innovation means looking at the world differently, being open to unique and radically unconventional ideas that take what we know about a concept and turn it upside down. The best innovation comes in the form of a solution to a problem that creates a sense of awe and wonder.

At Iternal we have an incredible opportunity to be at the edge of technology innovation in the most important aspect of the human experience, communication. 

The digital revolution has been incredible, leading to societal revolutions, improved human rights, and the ability to connect with loved ones anytime anywhere in the world. However for all of the benefit, over the last two decades, the majority of how communication takes places has devolved to impersonal, distant, and insincere forms. People were more connected when they gathered face to face. People were more tolerant and accepting of people’s views when they had to disagree with them face to face. 

Our goal is to bring personalization back into the world of digitalization in a way that allows people to connect and have meaningful experiences with each other, while not losing sight of the importance of the human connection.