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Interactive Customer Presentation Automation Sales Enablement

Interactive Customer Presentation PDFs: An analysis of our customer base shows an average reduction in time of 99% to generate an output in this format. Automation through IdeaFORGE results in an average time savings of 39.9 hours per output in this format, and an average work product acceleration of 99x the legacy method.

Iternal’s platform allows users to easily select Modular Components® of content called IdeaBlocks® and quickly assemble them into a desired output fully automated.

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Interactive Customer Presentation
PDF Content Creation

Save ≈92%

of Time and Information, Content, and
Knowledge related OPEX

What’s Interactive Customer Presentation PDF Sales Enablement

Created using Adobe InDesign these Interactive Customer Presentations consist of multiple different avenues of customized information, typically focused around the top 3 – 5 pain points or strategic objectives of that customer. Using IdeaFORGE these experiences are easily assembled by combining your team’s knowledge of the customer, with the applicable IdeaBlocks of content that can be mapped to each customer discussion point.

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Automating Sales Enablement

Iternal’s Interactive Customer Presentation PDF Automation capability accelerates sales teams by automating the curation and assembly of key business information, subject matter expertise, and on-brand accurate up-to-date content across all foreign languages.

  • The Interactive Customer Presentations are not as long as a proposal, and instead are equivalent in length to about 10 – 30 slides in a pitch deck, and could contain between 30 – 100 IdeaBlocks, while keeping in mind that not all IdeaBlocks may be of interest to the customer, and allows the customer to choose what is explore and what is skipped over.
  • Adobe InDesign requires extensive and specialized training as well as creative talent to execute on the vision. Specialists in Adobe InDesign are often billed out at ≈$200 per hour by creative agencies due to the complexity of the application.
  • The near-infinite number of permutations associated with creating a specialized and tailored interactive experience for each customer is typically cost prohibitive as each document typically takes 8 – 16 hours of work to produce by an expert, and would be entirely tailored to that specific opportunity or customer.
  • Generating a presentation in Adobe InDesign enables a much higher degree of artistic control and high polish appearance compared to PowerPoint where options for creative control are substantially simplified.  
  • Adobe InDesign is an incredibly versatile application, but the versatility and complexity also makes working in the application much slower than in a basic text editing tool. Often times work times are compounded by 2 – 3 times compared to basic text editing tools. Therefore making edits, proof reading, modifying and moving proposal sections, all take much longer.
  • Adobe InDesign is a dedicated application that users must have installed on their computer and not widely accessible by an entire team, so only a select few can work on the document.
  • Revisions of Adobe InDesign often take substantially more effort as making comments or redlines and highlighting work in progress sections is much more complex and not easy to interact with.
  • Concurrent work on the same Adobe InDesign document is not a viable option so it becomes a merry-go-round of work with no concurrent work benefits.

*Numbers are approximated based on average metrics from use cases with previous customers, actual numbers may vary by customer depending on use case and number of IdeaBlocks.

MASSIVE Outcome® Statistics


Velocity Acceleration

39.9 Hours

Saved per Output Automated


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Understanding Sales Enablement Software

Here you will find additional information on Sales Enablement and why it is important to your organization’s sales team’s success. Further information can also be found on sales enablement software and sales enablement tools to accelerate your sales team. Sales enablement software allows your team to manage all your sales information, content, knowledge, material, and data in a centralize location where it can be easily curated, retrieved, and accessed. The goal is to provide the seller with the right information, at the right time, in the right language.

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