Simplify Proof-reading, Revision, and Approvals

Because IdeaFORGE® organizes content at the Idea Level® instead of at a Document Level, content approvals are streamlined.Each component of content is only a few sentences of text, or a few seconds of video/audio making the approval and revision process incredibly fast.

Streamline the Sharing of Content between Employees

IdeaFORGE® makes it incredibly easy to share content between employees through our linkable Idea Level®TM management ofcontent. Now your employees can share content and stories as easy as sharing a URL.

Improve Customer Pre-Qualification

Pre-Qualification sometimes begins with your prospect researching your company, products, or solutions. Make sure the prospect has a consistent reliable experience as they learn about you across channels.

Easily Assign Experts to Components of Messaging

IdeaFORGE® structures content at the Idea Level®. This means that messaging can be broken down and assigned independently to those best skilled in creating that content. Now you can clearly and easily assign specific components to experts.

Enable Any Skill Level to Build Outstanding Content

Whether you’re a master of communications or it’s your first job entering the workforce, IdeaFORGE® is a powerful guide to help anyone create high-quality and compelling content. Our easy-to-use interface and design guide users through the story building process to ensure they build content that will help them achieve their goals and objectives. [...]

Enable New Hires to Self-Educate Safely

IdeaFORGE® is your organizations source of trusted content. When a new employee accesses IdeaFORGE® and starts to learn about your topics, you can be certain theinformation they are learning is the mostaccurate and up-to-date version.

Make Every Employee a Brand Ambassador

IdeaFORGE® gives employees the confidence to communicate intelligently. There will never be a question surrounding the words the employee should use to describe a topic. Follow the lead of IdeaFORGE® and be certain your story will be accurate, clear, and reliable.

Enable your Creatives to Design Better Content

Having a clear framework and vision for your content will empower your creative team to design higher quality content. More time will be spent on creative ideas, and less time will be spent on figuring out what questions should be answered.

Create Better How-To’s

How To’s can be a fundamental part of both Webinars and Documentation. With IdeaFORGE® your How To’s are easily created from existing content and can be easily leveraged in both Webinars and Documentation without having to manage multiple files. People learn in different ways, so being able to provide the same knowledge across formats is [...]

Never Break the Storytelling Flow

Compelling interactions take audiences on a journey. IdeaFORGE® helps you build stories that flow and motivate. Regardless of your employees skill level IdeaFORGE® will give them the tools to make sure they build stories that don’t break the flow.