Bring Your Own Model™ API

Rapidly plug-and-play the latest and greatest AI technologies into a common platform to rapidly deploy Turnkey AI use cases across any business department.

Because the Iternal Turnkey AI applications can operate independently from an AI Factory—provided the AI Factory can expose a specified JSON-based API to Iternal, the exact configuration, setup process, and software stack used to deliver GenAI LLMs as a service to Iternal’s Turnkey AI platform can be determined by the customer.

The Bring Your Own Model™ API could include any combination of GenAI services such as an on prem third-party closed source model like Azure OpenAI GPT4, AWS Bedrock, IBM WatsonX, Anthropic, or a third-party / open source model like LLAMA, Mistral, NVIDIA, etc. 

The Customer will be responsible for providing, deploying, and maintaining the Bring Your Own Model™ API LLM connection if one or multiple are desired.

Bring Your Own Model™ API

The Bring Your Own Model™ API is available as part of a Turnkey AI annual subscription after a 1 – 2 week service integration.