Collaborating to maximize the performance of key media rendering services.

Iternal able to partner with experts from AWS and AMD to optimize our infrastructure and maximize stability, availability, and reliability to deliver an optimal customer experience. Reliable security and speed to customer Go-Live has always been a top priority, and by partnering with AWS and leveraging EKS, Fargate, Lambda, and AMD-powered EC2 we’ve been able to achieve an average go-live time for new customers of less than 6 hours for each customer’s dedicated enterprise secure environment. No more waiting 3, 6, or 12 months for an enterprise deployment.

Running on Amazon EC2 Infrastructure featuring AMD

  • Kubernetes Orchestration on M6a for balanced Compute, Memory, and Performance ROI
  • Graphic Designed Brochure Rendering on T3a for cost effective burst
    and memory performance ROI
  • High performance accelerate graphics-intensive applications and machine learning on G5 for synthetic voice and digital human rendering

Avg. 10% cost reduction with equal performance and scalability with better power efficiency